History in Paterson, NJ

Anyone who has been a member of the New Jersey Beekeepers Association (NJBA) for any length of time knows Tom Fuscaldo, president of the Northeast branch, beekeeper, bee sting therapist and de facto promoter of all that is Paterson. Tom finally got to show off his hometown of Paterson at the Northeast Beekeepers Association's June 30, 2007 meeting. Glen Hutton, curator at the Great Falls Histroic District Cultural Center, kicked off the meeting with a 30-minute video that provided an overview of the history of the Great Falls and the city of Paterson. The meeting was also attended by Paterson historian Nick Sunday. Following the video there was a discussion with San Diego beekeeper Margaret Trousdale about the Africanized honey bee in California.

(Photo by Karl Schoenknecht)

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