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2015 NJBA Beekeeping Calendar

If you missed the 2014 Calendar, here’s your chance to own the 2015 “A Year In New Jersey Beekeeping” calendar. Spanning the 13 months from December 2014 through December 2015, each month is full of information to help beekeepers with tasks relevant to that month specific to beekeeping in New Jersey. In addition there is a beekeeping glossary, an explanation of how to check for mites using the sugar shake method, how to see those pesky little eggs in the bottom of cells, winter feeding advice, a larva development chart, suggestions for a bee-friendly garden and a section on “Rookie Mistakes You Don’t Have to Make (Because We Already Did!)”. While it is full of information from our State Apiarist Tim Schuler for novice beekeepers, every beekeeper will love it for the stunning photographs submitted by 35 of our Association members, each of whom will receive a free calendar for their contribution, and the expert graphic design and layout by Northwest’s Rebecca Wunderlich.

Calendars are $13.50 each when ordered online and shipped directly to the mailing address provided. Shipping should begin at the end of November and will be by first class mail. If you have any questions about the calendar, please email

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