Pollen-Nectar Plants

Also see HoneybeeLives.org for their "Honeybee Plant List for the Northeast"

NB: Some plants listed may be invasive species. See the The Invasive Plant Atlas of the United States for to help you identify and manage invasive plants.


NJ Plants from Which Bees Gather Pollen

Common Name Approximate Blooming Time
Skunk Cabbage February - March
Spice Bush March - April
Maples March - Mid April
Hazel Late March - Early April
Elms Late March - Early April
Willows Late April
Dogwood May
Dandelion May
Ash May 1 - 15
Horse Chestnut May - June
Birch May 15 -30
Hickory May
Oaks May
Locust Late May - Early June
Crimson Clover May
Tulip Whitewood Late May - Early June
Wild Cherry Late May - Early June
Mountain Laurel June
Sheep Laurel June
Black Alder Mid June - Late June
Oxeye Daisy Mid June
Indian Corn July - August
Cucumber August
Melons August
Sunflower Mid August - Mid September
Wild Turnip August
Ragweed August
Touch-me-not August - September
White Aster, Heath Aster, St. Micahelemas Daisy August - Mid October
Goldenrod Late Aug - Early October
NJ Less Than Surplus Nectar Plants
Common Name Approximate Bloom Times
Maples Mid March - Early April
Peach Early April
Pear Mid April
Apple Late April - Early May
Willows Late April
Dandelion Early May
Wild Strawberry May
Lupine May
Raspberry May
Grape Late May - Early June
Persimmon Mid June - Late June
Vervain Late June - Early September
Virginia Creeper Late June - Early July
Milkweed, Silkweed July
False Indigo July
Buttonbush July
Tree of Heaven July
Pride of China tree July
Catnip July
Motherwort August
Horsemint August - September
Boneset Mid August - September
Poison Ivy Mid May - Late June
Holly Late May - Late June
Mountain Laurel Late May - Late June
Sheep Laurel Late May - Late June
Burdock July - November
NJ Surplus Honey Plants
Common Name Approximate Blooming Time
Crimson Clover Mid May
Locust May 20 - June 1
Tulip Tree May 20 - June 10
Swedish Clover June 1 - July 10
Alsika Clover June 1 - July 10
White Clover Early June - Mid July
Dogbane Early June - Late August
Indian Hemp Early June - Late August
Basewood Late June - Early July
Linden Late June - Early July
Huckleberry Late May - Late June
Blueberry Late May - Late June
California privet Mid July - Late July
Sumac Mid June - Late July
White sweet clover June - November
Yellow sweet clover May 20- June 15
Cranberry June 15- August 15
August Flower Late July - Late August
Soap bush Late July - Late August
Sweet pepper bush Late July - Late August
Rose Mallow Late July - Early September
Swamp Mallow Late July - Early September
Spanish needle Mid August into October
Heartweed Late August - Mid October
Smartweed Late August - Mid October
Blackheart Late August - Mid October
Heath aster Late August - Mid October
White aster Late August - Mid October
St. MIchaelemas daisy Late August - Mid October
Goldenrod Late August - Mid October
Buckwheat Early August - Late August

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